Security Summer Camp 2014 Edition
Created by Collin and Guillaume

About SecurityCookies

Once upon a time, Collin and Guillaume were joking about fortune cookies and how they could be used to make security awareness fun.

Then, after a few exchanges, it became clear that a batch had to be made for the 2014 editions of Blackhat, BsidesLV and DEF CON.

SecurityCookies with 15 different pieces of advice or fail-advice were brought to Vegas. The cookies have been distributed by the creators and friends during various events, such as Collin's Blackhat talk, Guillaume's BSidesLV talk, Hacker Pyramid, the Fail Panel and multiple social events. A bunch were given in the taxi line at the Rio.

They will be back at future conferences. If you would like to make your own, we can also help you.

Realtime stream

What are people saying? There should be pictures of SecurityCookies here as well as some obvious profanity

Catch Them all!

The first person or group to provide the text of all 15 different SecurityCookies, either by using pictures or simply by typing them will win the honor of being listed here and win a prize.

Email your proof.